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Photo Philosophy

I constantly think about photography. I once came across a quote when in school studying anthropology and photography and though I don't remember it verbatim, the quote was about doing something with photography every day. Whether out taking photos, reading about photography, thinking, whatever, I have used that quote as a basis for my photography and creative inspiration.

I don't shoot everyday, yet. But I do involve myself in the realm of photography on a nearly all-the-time basis. Like any other art, you can't excel unless you study and think and mull ideas over in your head. This is not to say I shoot very little. I love to shoot, it is the essence of photography itself. The painter can't paint without touching brush to canvas. I try to go everywhere with a camera.

This has become easier with smartphones now having capable cameras on them. I recently upgraded my phone to one with a very capable camera. But to me it is a phone. Not a camera. This is a habit I've…

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